When I had my first reading with Kathleen Moore a couple of years ago my only intention was just having fun and trying something new.

That day and many readings since, she has uncovered and helped a truth within myself surface to help me live authentically.

Her intuitive guidance and friendship has truly changed my life. Ignoring my inner voice and just allowing myself to be distracted by the busy world we live in really had me disconnected to who I really was. She has helped me remember who I am.

Also being an incredible teacher, she has taught me ways to connect to myself and my guides. She is also one of the funniest people I know!

It’s almost as if my Spiritual Journey has been this snow ball effect.. and every time I see Kathleen, it’s like I’m getting nudged forward, gaining momentum, growing, learning, and laughing with the help of her guidance, gifts, and love.

I am forever grateful for her very important and significant role in my Spiritual Journey and my Life.

Brittany W. Said