I have been working with Kathleen since August 2012. Having a reading with Kathleen completely revolutionized my life. The entire experience is transformational. She has a clear connection to spirit and is able to advise and guide in such a way that is divinely inspired. My initial apprehension in getting a reading melted away and what ensued can best be described as an awesome conversation with a close friend who dishes out some tough love and guidance. Katie is able to connect with family members that have passed and serve as my spirit guides. She is also able to see psychic imagery of future events.

Over the course of my readings with her she has given me spot on advice. She told me of two job opportunities that came to fruition and has even given me the name of one of my bosses in the job I eventually chose months before the events transpired. She has called me out on some bad habits and blocks that stand in the way of achieving my dreams. She has been vital and instrumental in gaining clarity and growing in my own spiritual path. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have worked with her.

My life is completely unrecognizable. I went from working in Private Equity and Hedge Fund World in Midtown Manhattan for over 8 years to quitting those jobs. I have been living the dream for a solid year- have traveled to Bali, am getting ready to move to California and am working on a book titled FUNemployed about my one year of being without a job in Rat Race Corporate America and instead embracing a life of happiness and adventure.
The quality of her work is such that it leaves no doubt that she truly has a gift. After speaking with her I entered into a life that was synchronistic and flowed. I would sometimes even catch myself saying the words that she had uttered- her ability to hit the nail on the head is uncanny. I highly recommend her to friends and family.

I went from being a Doubting Thomas to being able to say “I believe”- Katie has a wonderful gift and is fully tapped in/plugged in and ready to give you help and guidance. After each reading, you walk away from the conversation feeling uplifted and empowered to make choices that will guide you to happiness, peace and closer your life’s purpose.

Now, it’s time for you to make that leap of faith. Are you ready to change your life?

Mary Aracena
Blogger/Disruptor/Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

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