You told me that some

You told me that some of the information wouldn’t always make sense in the initial reading but would eventually. So one day after and three days after… goose bumps. I found out who the man that came through for me was. He said we were ‘cut from the same cloth’ I’m so sad I didn’t meet him in the physical world. He is my Great Grandfather and he did in fact die from a heart attack. As much as I insisted I didn’t have a grandfather that died that way.. yes I did not consider him because until I spoke with my sister I really didn’t know. You told me over and over that he said he died that way. Also there were (in so far) two more things that my great grandfather and grandmother related that were more than accurate. I have so many questions now. Thank you dearly Kathleen. Booking right now with more questions.

Bobbi Lake

Tiffany Sweet Said

I first met Kathleen in April of 2016 by happen stance. It is apparent the universe had lon prior coordinated this divine connection because my life was forever changed.

I had recently lost my sister who literally held the other half of my heart. If you can iagine finishing each other’s sentences, thoughts and at times actions! Those were just a few descriptions to convey our bond. Sisters through fate, best friends by choice. We were the others father, mother and confidant throughout most of our life.

When I received the phone call that she had been in an accident, my sould felt as if it had been violently ripped apart. She was in a boating accident and found deceased after 3 gut wrenching days of relentless searching. I was crushed and lost in unbearable grief, wreathing with questions NO one could answer.

Then I met Kathleen! She graciously listened to my shaking voice on the other end of the phone while I choked through tears telling her that I had just lost a loved one in a very tragic accident. Immediatley she connected to my sister, and even asked me not to give any more information. She brought my sister through with such validation that my jaw hit the floor, and a chill ran down my spine to the degree that every hair I have stood on end. Yes, she had my attention… Yes she had connected to my sister, to my Brandee!

The very first message she gave addressed the very questions I had spent many sleepless, and sorrow filled nights repeating and asking in my mind like a record player gone mad! I had made myself sick under the heaviness of grief. Kathleen said ‘Your sister is telling me to let you know that she was driving a boat one minute and the next minute she was being scooped up by beautiful angels.’ She then said ‘she is showing me that she hit something very hard and immediately lost all sense of her physical body.’ She added a resounding note that she did not suffer! That it was lights out, or one second she was here and the next she was gone.

No one knew her cause of death! No one knwe what had happened to her! All we knew is she was in an accident and her boyfriend survived and couldn’t explain what happened either as it was night time when the tragedy occurred. Recently I received the report and investigation for her cause of death, and Kathleen NAILED the entire series of events as Brandee described them at 100% accuracy! I read the report and had chills run through my body all over again thanking God that Kathleen had given me this comfort long before any report was given!

Kathleen gave me answers that only Brandee could have gave. She gave me peace where there had only been pain. She gave me the reassurance that there is more beyond the veil of our daily lives. Something I always ‘thought’ I was sure of until my sisters death.

I could write a book in efforts to describe everything Kathleen validated and showed me, and still fall short of it all! She saw and described my sister in uniform (she was a sheriff deputy), she told me of the events and conversations that only Brandee and I had. She had peered in to the depth of my soul and brought my sister back to life in my heart! She told me that Brandee showed her I was a singer & musician and that I would write a song in her honor that would go on to touch the world with her by my side the whole way. And she was RIGHT! I did write a song that seemed to fall from the sky, in the exact timeframe she had told me. This happened during a time when I couldn’t even bear to look at my guitar, let alone play and sing… My sister pushed through and gave me the lyrics and chords in such a way that the song practically wrote itself!!! Since then I have begun working with a producer in Nashville, and am now diligently working to her her song out there to spread a message of love and hope to ALL who have experienced the sting of death.

There truly are so many more things Kathleen predicted that have ALL been 100% accurate and on point. For the sake of this testimonial not being a full blown book, I will finish by saying this: If you ever had any question or doubt that TRUE mediums really exist, look no farther! Kathleen will connect you with yourself and your loved ones in ways that will blow your mind away! I promise you can’t walk away from a reading from her without the knowledge that there is life beyond the grave! Trust me, I am living testimony to this truth! One cannot put a dollar sign on inner peace, and that my friends is exactly what a session with Kathleen Moore will yield for you! Don’t miss the opportunity, she will rock your world!!!!

Tiffany Sweet

Brittany W. Said

When I had my first reading with Kathleen Moore a couple of years ago my only intention was just having fun and trying something new.

That day and many readings since, she has uncovered and helped a truth within myself surface to help me live authentically.

Her intuitive guidance and friendship has truly changed my life. Ignoring my inner voice and just allowing myself to be distracted by the busy world we live in really had me disconnected to who I really was. She has helped me remember who I am.

Also being an incredible teacher, she has taught me ways to connect to myself and my guides. She is also one of the funniest people I know!

It’s almost as if my Spiritual Journey has been this snow ball effect.. and every time I see Kathleen, it’s like I’m getting nudged forward, gaining momentum, growing, learning, and laughing with the help of her guidance, gifts, and love.

I am forever grateful for her very important and significant role in my Spiritual Journey and my Life.

Brittany W.

Theresa C. Said

My first reading with Kathleen was a birthday present from my sister. I was skeptical and considered not going. I have been to other psychics in the past, most were quacks and one who was amazing, considering these odds I wasn’t expecting much. Boy was I in for a surprise! I was amazed at the things she knew and no possible way for her to know these things. The most amazing thing happened a couple weeks after the reading. She told me I would be moving, it was a state by the water, she thought South Carolina and there was some kind of military connection. I knew that was the most impossible and unbelievable thing I herd in awhile but she insisted she knew what she was talking about. About a week after this my husband got a job offer but he would have to go out of state, he said it was in Arizona. Although he had been out of work for awhile I knew he wouldn’t be able to up and leave home like that, we are middle aged home bodies. The guy kept pestering him about the job and my husband said, you know what, there’s nothing here and I think I’m going to do it. Since he decided to go, I wanted to know details so I called the man who was in charge of the job. I asked him what part of Arizona would they be working, he said it wasn’t Arizona it was New Orleans. I asked other details about the job and what they would be doing, he said they would be paving at the Naval air station. I hung up and got half way to the living room and it hit me, moving..state by the water..military connection.. I was so shocked I just stopped where I was standing and let it all sink in. I later found out the company was working on a job in South Carolina before coming to the job in New Orleans.

I’ve had a phone reading and email questions since my first reading and she amazes me every time. Kathleen is very inspirational, things that didn’t make sense are put into perspective and make life a little easier to live.

Theresa C.

Hope S. Said

I first met Katie when I was 20 years old. My opinion on psychics was that they were vague guessers. I was the furthest thing from a believer. I’ve been to other “psychics” that claimed to be real and were so far off I was led to believe that seeing the future was only meant for the movies. And then I met Kathleen. I was very standoffish when I met her.

She just looked like a regular person no games or gimmicks. She sat me down and laid out these cards which I had no idea what they ment.

Then my opinion of psychics changed. She knew things that no one knew about me. She was dead on. Knew names and timelines of people in my life and ones no longer in it without me even saying 1 thing to her.

I can honestly say that Kathleen Moore has changed my life. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for her. Everytime I ever doubted her it would come back to be true 100% of the time.

The thing I love most about her is that she doesn’t sugarcoat anything. If you don’t really want to know the truth don’t go to her because she will only tell you the truth in what she sees whether you want to hear it or not.

Before her I was scared to chase my goals thinking that it was always going to be a dream and never reality. Now I get to live my dream everyday and I wouldn’t be able to say that if I never met her.

Kathleen Moore is a true blessing and anyone who gets a reading by her will not regret it. Speaking from the biggest nonbeliever who turned into the truest believer. Kathleen is the real deal. And one of the most talented gifted people I have ever met. The only thing you will regret is not seeing her sooner.

Hope S.

Dorene T. Said

There is no other word then amazing when your speaking about Kathleen Moore physic and medium. My very own experience and readings with her have help lead me very far in life. From personal relationships, work, health, and schooling. One reading she had told me i would marry a past love, that was dark skinned, tattoed, dark hair, blue eyes. I was in a bad relationship at the time that i had consumed myself in and did not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I had a lot to lose but I took the leap of faith like Kathleen said and I have been married for almost 3 years! I am truly blessed and very happy. Although, without Kathleen’s insight I probably would have never pursued my feelings. I have recommended friends and I have never seen a disappointment yet. I have been in tears and have seen friends in tears from the experience with Kathleen. There is so much insight into a reading that you will be blown away, months later things will begin to take place and you will think of your reading. She will make a true believer out of you! Never the less there is always past family and friends from the other side showing you signs trying to guide you. Kathleen will relay the message for them till you understand who is speaking with you. It’s a truly spiritual connection and I personally have never been disappointed!

Dorene T.

Mary Aracena Said

I have been working with Kathleen since August 2012. Having a reading with Kathleen completely revolutionized my life. The entire experience is transformational. She has a clear connection to spirit and is able to advise and guide in such a way that is divinely inspired. My initial apprehension in getting a reading melted away and what ensued can best be described as an awesome conversation with a close friend who dishes out some tough love and guidance. Katie is able to connect with family members that have passed and serve as my spirit guides. She is also able to see psychic imagery of future events.

Over the course of my readings with her she has given me spot on advice. She told me of two job opportunities that came to fruition and has even given me the name of one of my bosses in the job I eventually chose months before the events transpired. She has called me out on some bad habits and blocks that stand in the way of achieving my dreams. She has been vital and instrumental in gaining clarity and growing in my own spiritual path. Words cannot express how grateful I am to have worked with her.

My life is completely unrecognizable. I went from working in Private Equity and Hedge Fund World in Midtown Manhattan for over 8 years to quitting those jobs. I have been living the dream for a solid year- have traveled to Bali, am getting ready to move to California and am working on a book titled FUNemployed about my one year of being without a job in Rat Race Corporate America and instead embracing a life of happiness and adventure.
The quality of her work is such that it leaves no doubt that she truly has a gift. After speaking with her I entered into a life that was synchronistic and flowed. I would sometimes even catch myself saying the words that she had uttered- her ability to hit the nail on the head is uncanny. I highly recommend her to friends and family.

I went from being a Doubting Thomas to being able to say “I believe”- Katie has a wonderful gift and is fully tapped in/plugged in and ready to give you help and guidance. After each reading, you walk away from the conversation feeling uplifted and empowered to make choices that will guide you to happiness, peace and closer your life’s purpose.

Now, it’s time for you to make that leap of faith. Are you ready to change your life?

Mary Aracena
Blogger/Disruptor/Life Coach & Motivational Speaker

Mary Aracena

William J. Said


I just wanted to take this opportunity to Thank You for all the “Readings”, Personal and by Phone you have given me over the past several years. They ALL have been wonderful in Guiding Current and Future paths for me and my Family. You have a beautiful Gift from God with communication with Spirit and our loved ones that have passed, and through those gifts it has helped me over the years emotionally and Spiritually. You have always been so kind and have such a great personality and “Ora”. You have helped so many of my friends and family, and I want to thank you for that as well. You have literally “Shocked” me with what “Spirit” has communicated to you about me and my life. Once again,Thank you so much.

I will be contacting you soon to set up another session with my friends and I.



Patricia P. said

When I had my first reading with Kathleen Moore my only reason for going was to see if my loving Mother would come through for me. Before I even sat down Kathleen said you wanted your Mother to come through and boy is she here. I never got to say good bye to my Mom and tell her how much I Love Her. She had a massive heart attack and died doing what she loved. It was awesome to hear from her to know that she is doing fine and is at peace. It was like a heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulders. She also spoke through Kathleen and told me how proud she was of what I have accomplished in my life. That meant the world to me. My Father also came through that day as well as my grandmother. I have been back to see Kathleen a couple more times and have even taken friends of mine to see her as well and they all have been very pleased and surprised with each of their readings. Kathleen knew things about each one of them that she would have no way of knowing.

Kathleen Moore is such a pleasant down to earth loving person. I love chatting with her when ever I get the chance. She is such a comforting person and a joy to be around. I hope to have many more readings from Kathleen. She does not keep anything back and tells it like it is. Each time I learn something new about my spiritual journey and how to get to where I need to be in my spiritual journey. I believe she is a blessing that was sent to me and I have made a friend for life. I so enjoy talking with her.

If you truly want to make your life better and maybe get rid of the weight of some issues you may be struggling with I highly recommend setting an appointment with Kathleen Moore for a reading. You will not be disappointed.

Patricia P.

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